Monday, May 10, 2010

Walking Into The Light - The work of the Holy Spirit in Health

At its most basic level the Holy Spirit develops within us the right questions, to get at the difference between reality and illusion - a necessary move to bring out our true self and give it new life. At a deeper level, the Holy Spirit helps us develop a concern for other selves and thereby improves the art of living. It's all about knowing and knowing that we know. An integral step onto the path out of darkness into light, so simple that even the most distracted of us can see the way is, again, words.

Words have the power to move us out of darkness into the light when we simply receive them. Consider the vocabulary of the disposition of God in relation to us: Father, hallowed, heaven, kingdom, will.

Or, take the words: bread, forgiveness, debts, temptations, deliverance. Here the primary emotional states of our personal lives are spelled out for the Father.
Or, lastly, look at the words: power, glory, forever, amen and catch the transcendent sound of triumphant truth that all is well, that God reigns, and rules, and rejoices. And, His joy is our strength.

"Come unto me . . ."

God intends that we love food and that we live a balanced life that leads to good health for carrying out His work. When food and eating are disturbing your friendship with Him, they must be straightened out and the only way to do this is by coming to Jesus and surrendering to Him the habit patterns that are disintegrating the three boundaries that are crucial for an abundant life:

1. the God and you boundary.

2. the self-concept boundary.

3. and the body boundary.

Ignoring the problem, refusing to subject it to true inquiry, only divides your life, saps your strength, creates mental confusion, and slows your spiritual growth. Be aware that, as we have seen from the scripture of Romans 14:20, food has the power to split your oneness with Jesus, causing you to see yourself as separate from Him. No food is as important as staying right spiritually. And the only solution is a very simple one - "Come unto me . .."

". . . And I Will Give You Rest" (Matthew 11:28)

You may have an action pattern of coming home stressed out and hungry and you know that half a gallon of ice cream and a spoon will restore your sanity. That's a natural reaction and in fact the carbohydrate in the ice cream will increase the level of certain neurotransmitters in your brain and make you feel better -temporarily. In fact, however, the internal organs of the body operate within a narrow range of response in order to preserve life and in this instance the carbohydrate will also cause your blood sugar to rise and your body to increase its production of insulin and if you're used to couch sitting to finish off the ice cream, your hips are storing the excess calories as fat. That's the way it works. That's the reality.

It's not to say you have to give up ice cream entirely. That's not even the right question. Ask yourself: Is my habit of eating half a gallon of ice cream causing disintegration of my life with Jesus Christ? And of the handiwork of God? Am I replacing my trust in God with the instant satisfaction of food?

True inquiry is the work of the Holy Spirit and if you answer the questions honestly and in depth, you can think of every detail of your life with food as having the potential for disintegration. And, if you find positive evidence, you must be willing to ask the Lord to give you Christ-awareness in your eating patterns and He will calm your stress until your friendship with Him is reestablished. This is His promise. This is the beginning of restoring the boundaries.

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