Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sweet Dreams

One of my patients, a pastor, was approaching the 300 pound mark. Type 2 Diabetes lay straight ahead. Nothing I said converted him. He was like a block of salt.

One day he preached me this little sermonette, in mock seriousness.

"I preached on sin", he said, "and eight members gave up smoking. Encouraged, I preached on sin again. Six members gave up drinking. This is great, I thought. So I preached on sin again. Four members gave up sex. Inspired, I preached on the sin of eating too much rich food. Five members began circulating a petition to have me removed. I dream of food all the time", he said."

I see your point, " I said.

The pastor's wife came in for a visit. I gave her the idea for a plan. Bedding down one evening, she casually opened a cookbook to a recipe for "Brined Chicken."

"What'cha got?" he asked.

She placed the cookbook under her pillow. "Dreaming about food", she said.

He perked up. About a week later he brought to her a recipe with pictures, torn from Family Circle--Pork Loin Stir-fry. "Would this made a good supper?" he asked.

"Looks great", she said, "Why don't you sleep on it?" She placed the recipe under his pillow.

Soon they were into Viva Mexico, Savory Zucchini Pie from Australia, and Tabbouleh from Lebanon. Now, the parson is down to 225 and sweet dreams are on the menu every night.


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