Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't Preach With Your Mouth Full

What do we do when we find sin in our church?

We confront it, call it what it is, and get rid of it!

But almost every week in churches all over America we find the sin of gluttony running rampant. We find it at our hot dog suppers, our sausage biscuits before Sunday school, and our Homecoming socials. The sin of gluttony has caused the spiritual weakening of our churches. No longer can we come together for worship and praise of our God without the accompanying meal. No longer can any one give a dollar to a local cause without getting a chili dog in return. The churches have turned a blind eye to the ravenous eating habits of their own members. I have worked for over 10 years in clinics and found professed Christians, who say that the same Holy Spirit who saved their soul from Hell, who has the power to raise the dead, this same powerful Holy Spirit cannot control their desires when confronted with a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Boy that’s what I call a "Hot ‘n Now" moment. When we say that we are Christians, we are saying we have been made new, we don’t have a new starting point, but the Bible says that we have been actually transformed into a new creature. One that is now to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. I have seen people delivered from drugs, sex, gambling, and an array of sins but very rarely do I see people delivered from "fatness". I hear the excuse that this is only a shell that it really doesn’t matter what I do with this body because, of course, since I’m saved I’ll get a new body. What a crock! If we were not supposed to do "something" after being saved, do you think God would leave us here after the point of salvation? Now, we know that scripture commands us to go out and witness to the ends of the earth, but how can we do this if we are so big we can’t even walk ten feet across the floor. How can we witness if we can’t walk?! I’m tired of Christians complaining that sin has "just taken over everything", and the sin of gluttony goes unchecked every week. We see our pastors standing in our pulpits preaching to us on the dangers of homosexuality, of fornication, of not tithing, while they stand with their 50 inch waists lapping over their trousers, sweat dripping down their faces, defiling the very temple that God has told us to keep Holy. If someone tried to tear our church building down, we would fight them to the death but these same people are the very culprits who tear down the temple that contains the Holy of Holies...the Holy Spirit. Why do we keep silent? We scream from our sanctuaries that abortion is wrong, I agree it is totally against the Will of God, yet we drive our children to every available McDonald’s drive thru every chance we get. Abortion is wrong, the killing of the unborn, but so is childhood obesity, the killing of the born.

The church needs to wake up to one of the most corrupting sins...Gluttony. For this stems from our inability of self-control. If this is not addressed by the church, I wonder, when Christ returns and says to his bride "Come Up Here!" will He hear "Just one more bite before we go".

Pam H.

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