Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DINNER ON THE GROUNDS: How America Ate Itself To Greatness

Before 1800 most Southern men were cool toward church and preaching.Sermons had no wisdom about getting out of hard scrimping for a living.
That was- before Baptist women got the spirit and pushed their men up every dusty road in the South in search of a tiny plot of land on which to build a church. Suddenly churches were everywhere. The womenpondered: " How can we shake up the spirit in apathetic men?" The answer-" Food, of course!" Thus, DINNER ON THE GROUNDS was invented.
Then, when the preacher belted out the last "Amen",church was over.Time for that unsurpassed builder of love, harmony, and unity-DINNER ONTHE GROUNDS.
The crowd surged to the tables groaning under the trees. Boys and girlsof all ages circulated among the tables, appetites ready, smelling the richbeef and pork roasts, the yeast breads, and vegetables of all sorts, searchingfor a chance to snitch some small morsel, to ward off starvation while the preacher asked the Lord's blessing.
After good food aplenty,the crowd eyed the dessert table, marveling at the six-layered stack cakes, each layer riding on a bed of moist red sauce, the natural color cooked from the Hoover apple, or chocolate or coconut, each creation an architectural wonder with no leaning to either side.
In 1834 de Tocqueville wrote that the genius and the power of Americacame from America's, goodness and that America's goodness came from her churches.
Later, it is rumored that de Tocqueville became a Baptist, because of the food the women served at DINNER ON THE GROUNDS.
And that's how America became great.

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